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my mind running loose *☆・゚*☾
Time to wander,now I’m gone never here
When you look nothing near,will you wonder
Now I’m gone never here
When you look nothing near
And I wonder

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Julien Spianti (b. 1982, Chartres, France) - Green Room, 2013     Paintings: Oil on Canvas 1,060 notesReblog

palms + film
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Dreaming of waking up to walk in paradise with this handsome guy @daniel_ferrara 🙈🙈🙈#kissmeketut #vscocam #surinbeach 1 noteReblog
A day delayed due to technical difficulties but this was what we walked into upon arrival yesterday arvo in Phuket! 😻😻😻🍉🍉🍉😋😋😋🌺❤️#patong #tower #beach #love 1 noteReblog
Babe Celine, oh how I’ve waited for you! Woweeee😌 #celineparis #cream #black #love #spentwell 1 noteReblog
Where we started the morning #vscocam #longboats #canalsofcity @daniel_ferrara 2 notesReblog
This traffic … Only here can I take deal with it! #vscocam #bangkok  (at Siam Center l สยามเซ็นเตอร์) 1 noteReblog
Breaky decor 😻✨💜💚🍄🌼 (at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok) 0 notesReblog
All set to go… #Frankie helps me fly!  (at Thai Airways Syd International Airport) 1 noteReblog
Gaaah! This is spot on #inlovewithlife 😘💕 3 notesReblog
What a weekend!! Feeling it today, but already having withdrawals😽😽😽😽 love these kittens! @chelseadouglas__ @kirsten_obryan @courtneyjadebb  #dans21st #surryhills #havinachat #love #friends 0 notesReblog
Summer set up 🌈🐙🌺 0 notesReblog
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do you have any speaking scenes in angelinas movie? or are you an extra/background? how many scenes are you in?

asked by Anonymous

Yeah a few times I’ve got to have a chat :) and I’m a main at the races

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